What do the different account settings mean?

When you first register your account you are automatically set to LIVE which means your details will appear in searches and you will be displayed as active within any connected recruiters network. You can change this setting to NOT LOOKING which means your details will not appear in any live searches and your connected recruiters will only see a greyed out image on their network area. Passively looking indicates that you might be interested in a new role, your details will appear at the bottom of live searches.

How much information should I supply on my profile?

As much as possible, it is a quick and easy process, the more information you supply the better the chances of a recruiter finding you what you want.

I've just graduated from College or University and don't have much on my CV, is this site for me?

Absolutely, many of the recruiters on Seevee specialse in graduate jobs, get your CV uploaded and fill in as much of your profile as possible.

I don't understand why I have to paste my CV and then upload it as well.

We want to make sure you have total control of your details and know exactly who has a copy of your CV. Most job boards allow recruiters to download your CV without permission, this is usually why you continue to get calls when you are no longer job seeking. It also creates a situation whereby you have no idea whose systems your details are active upon. We have put a stop to this by only allowing recruiters to view the pasted copy of your CV (they cannot copy & paste it) and if they want to download a copy of your CV they need to link with you first (you are always in control).

Do I want recruiters to see my social media accounts?

Totally up to you, we have given you the option of adding your Twitter and Linkedin account to your profile if you so wish. Just be mindful that if they are visible on your profile then recruiters will look at them.

How do you make money?

We make money through advertising and also through offering recruiters enhanced services.

Will candidates ever be charged for the service?


How does the Mail function work?

This is an internal mail services designed to keep you in contact with your recruiters. You can mail individually or generate a mass mailing, maybe to make your network aware of an updated CV or that you have found a new job.

What are the benefits of linking with agencies?

The benefits are numerous, they have their finger on the pulse of your chosen jobs market. If you wanted to find a job within accountancy, search on Seevee for agencies who specialise in working within the accountancy industry. Connect with their consultants and let them know exactly what it is you are looking for. They will then search on your behalf for suitable positions.

When I search for an agency they have a score next to them what does this mean?

We want the candidate to feel in charge which is why we have developed a system that allows you to rank your experience with each linked recruiter. This will give them an overall score and help other candidates to decide if they should link with them in future.

What is my Network?

This is the area where all your linked consultants are displayed, from here you can sort them by industry or location or ranking. You can also view all their contact details.

What does the Jobs Feed do?

This is where you can look at all the live jobs your network of recruiters are currently working on. The more targeted you are when linking to recruiters the more specific and tailored your jobs feed will be.

What should I do when I have found a job?

Change your account to Not Looking. Then when you want to start your jobsearch again just log back in, update your profile and change your status to looking. All your previous recruitment connections will be immediately made aware you are looking again and can start a new jobsearch.